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Isn't technology great? A decade ago "photo books" were a wonder. I can create one-off books! Printed on both sides! Like a glossy magazine! We loved them too, and launched Q Books in 2010.

But now photo books are … just a glossy magazine! Commodity products with prices to match. Mostly sold direct to consumers, meaning very little value in them for photographers… Something for people who get their photography on a flashdrive. Q Books still look great, as beautifully printed and bound as our albums, but for a couple of years the trend has been away from them and towards medium-weight Panorama Flushmounts. There's still a place for them, especially when you need to display more photographs on more pages. But we need to find a way to make them more affordable. It's time for a change. Q Books, meet Mr Market!

Q-Book Light


Q-Book Light

No compromise

Q Books will still get the same care and attention as our albums, but we'll be simplifying the product, unbundling the extras (which we don’t charge for in albums, but which add to the cost of making them) and eliminating cross-subsidies where we can. Dust jackets and Mayu cases will be discontinued. Q Books will be presented in our grey suede bags rather than the current packaging. Album design and colour correction will continue to be an extra charge. Shipping will still be free, and we'll still be offering sample discounts.

And the prices...

Q-Book Lights with fabric covers (buckram, faux leather and silk) will now be little more than half the price of our most affordable album, the medium weight pano flushmount. That's the result of reduced prices for both the covers and pages. Other cover materials will also reduce, but by lesser amounts.

Q Book Medium covers will reduce by the same amount, but the pages will remain the same.

The new Q-Book prices are already live. Check them out in our online calculator, or place your orders now!

Q-Book Medium


Q-Book Medium

Should you have any questions regarding the changes to our Q-Book range, please feel free to contact us. 

Alexandria x

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