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Flushmount Albums

Flushmount Albums

Flushmount albums are our most popular. These un-matted albums are bold and contemporary, with maximum choice and designability. 

Flushmount Albums

We offer two styles of un-matted Flushmount album, Panorama and Classic. Panorama Flushmounts are available with heavy- or medium-weight pages. The prints are creased, not cut, at the spine. Traditional photographic (silver-halide) printing is normal, in which case medium-weight pages offer more capacity — up to 45 pages (90 sides) as against 30 heavy-weight pages (60 sides). Fine Art (inkjet) printing is also available, but with medium-weight pages only, and a maximum of 30 pages (60 sides).

In Classic Flush albums the prints are cut, not creased, at the spine. This allows us to offer our popular offset-printed art pages for a beautiful textured watercolour look. Read more about our offset paper stocks here. Classic pages are heavy-weight only. Silver halide printing is also available, but not Fine Art.  

Included in the price are free album design and colour correction, a free personal title page, and door to door shipping world-wide, to your studio or direct to your client. Optional extras include copy albums, and display boxes, carry cases or our designer album box.

Flushmounts are available in sizes from 8x8 up to 18x12 inchesChoose from our wide range of cover materials and cover styles. Supplied in a soft velvet bag, and presentation box (sizes 10x10 and over).


*Photographers and designers only. Login to view pricing and order products.

A review

Recently we sent New Zealand photographer Chris Turner one of our new Vintage Leather albums. We wanted to make something to align with his brand and imagery, and he left a lovely review on Facebook. Thank you for the generous comments, Chris.



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