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I've just been dealing with a frustrated user.  The abridged version... He designed an album in PJ then exported PSDs. He then flattened the PSDs and imported them into ALBUM_CO_X's software for ALBUM_CO_X to make. That is frustrating for me on all sorts of levels - mostly because I tried (and failed) to convince ALBUM_CO_X not to waste time and money developing their own album planning tool... but that's a different story. The album came back with a border around every page, about a quarter inch in from the edge.  Somewhere between this client and ALBUM_CO_X's software the print files that ALBUM_CO_X received had extra white space inserted outside the trim line that Photojunction adds to each layout. This client, a nice bloke, called ALBUM_CO_X and said, "What the heck?" and the company replied with, "It's Photojunction's fault". Truth is it's probably the client's fault (I did tell him that - and explained why) but the most interesting thing I heard was the album company's reply to our (their) client's question: "Didn't you think to question a border around the edge of the page?" ALBUM_CO_X replied, "No, do you know how many albums we do?" Cheers, Danny
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