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It's quick and easy to order albums from Queensberry, through Workspace. It's a step-by-step process that guides you through each set of options as you personalise your album. Just as important, it helps you avoid "gotchas", where you have your mind set on something we can't do, like emboss Vanilla Bean Micro Leather or Linen. In fact, for that reason alone we recommend that you set up the album before you get involved in page design … and certainly before you offer your customer something we can't do!

These gotchas (exceptions) can be frustrating, and we don't like them either, but they are always there for a practical reason. For example, we don't emboss the materials above because it doesn't look any good!

So if you've never ordered an album from Queensberry, or need a refresher, watch the short tutorial below.

Got any more questions about Queensberry or Workspace? Visit the Help Centre or email us.