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Queensberry only sell to approved professional photographers and album designers. However we do get lots of enquiries from people wanting their own album, often to celebrate a wedding, reunion, new babe, family photo shoot or travel adventure.

We'd like to help you if we can, so here are two ways to order a Queensberry album if you're not a professional photographer. 

Talk to your photographer

If the photos you want to use were taken by a professional photographer we can only use them if your photographer places the order on your behalf or with the photographer's written permission. So start by speaking to them. Send them our web address and tell them you'd like your images in a Queensberry. If they contact us we'll help them order an album for you.

Some photographers may not want or have time to produce an album. In that case all you need to ask them for is a "release" (written permission) allowing us to create an album from your photographs. Once we have permission we can work with you directly, or pass your details on to other professionals who use Queensberry and are happy to help.

Alternatively you can email us your photographer's details and we can contact them for you.

If they're your own images, use the Album Design Studio

Album Design Studio is a design company that produces beautiful Queensberry albums, and can help bring your magic moments to life to remember forever!

You can order direct through them and they'll design a beautiful custom photo album for you.

Please note, Album Design Studio will only create albums using images taken by you personally or your friends or family.  They will not produce albums from images taken professionally.

If you have any questions, please email us here. We're more than happy to help!

Thanks for your interest, and thanks for reading


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