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This is an updated post about trading arrangements into the UK and Europe, including drop-shipping, now that the Brexit deal is in place. 

UK customers

We don't expect any change in our arrangements with you. Your orders will continue to be shipped via DHL and you'll continue to be invoiced by our UK company.

Shipments may take longer to clear in the short term, simply because HMRC and the UK border authorities will be much busier handling shipments to and from the EU, which until now have not needed to clear customs.

Drop-shipping: We can deliver your wholesale orders direct to your clients in the EU, as in the past. We will charge you for any additional freight incurred, as we do now. However your clients in the EU — like our EU customers, see below — may need to pay or reimburse VAT and customs charges on entry. If DHL pass those charges on to Queensberry instead, you will need to reimburse us. The same charges will apply of course to shipments from UK companies.

EU customers, including the Republic of Ireland

Until now we have invoiced you through Queensberry UK, but that now needs to end, which has implications:

• If you're registered for VAT in your own country, under EU rules we haven't needed to charge VAT on your albums, as these are zero-rated in the UK, but in future your purchases will incur VAT at your country's rate.

• Also, as we don't have an office in the EU, in future we'll invoice you and ship direct from New Zealand. Your invoices will still be expressed in Euros, and no VAT will be charged by us. We will continue to send your shipments freight-free, but you will be responsible for any charges, including any VAT, that are incurred in clearing your shipment through Customs. (It's possible that DHL will charge us instead of you, in which case you will need to reimburse us.)

• With respect to drop-shipping, please see the notes above.

We hope that information helps. For further details, please check out the links from our Help Centre, below. If you have any queries, do email us, and we will assist as best we can.

Best wishes from the Queensberry Team.

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