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Today’s the day! We’re ready to launch Workspace’s new Print Shop feature. 

Conscious of the struggles that photographers and artists face — including our own customers — It’s been a dream of ours for a long time now to build an eCommerce solution for creatives who want to sell their work as decor and works of art online.

Sure, there are plenty of eCommerce solutions out there, but while they’re good, as far as they go, they don’t fix specific problems that many photographers and artists face… Do these sound familiar?

• Big platforms that work well for sales in general, but leave you to place orders with your print, frame and canvas suppliers — unnecessary work for you.

• Platforms that are great for photography — but really just to deliver large sets of images to a limited audience, like a wedding client and their friends and family.

• On the other hand, platforms that are great for fine art and decor sales — but don't work for weddings and portraits! • Platforms that limit your ability — or make it a hassle — to gather the images you want to offer, add descriptive, marketing text, establish as many price lists as you want, allow for limited editions and so on. 

• Platforms that can only handle one currency — so you can’t easily sell in other countries.

• Platforms that are wholesale only — and don’t offer the option of delivering direct to your customer.

Our goal was to build a platform that solved all those problems, and we have.

Print Shop allows you to easily build a beautiful online ecommerce store that will present your work at its best and fully integrate with Queensberry. We can even help you set it up. Print Shop showcases your work, collects orders, receives payments, and pays out your profits. Queensberry does the rest — prints the images, creates the products and delivers them pretty much anywhere in the world. (If you prefer you can “self-fulfil” — use the platform but do your own printing and product fulfilment.)

Here’s an overview of what we’re loving about this new feature, but follow the button below to find out more.

Beautiful store layouts:

A beautiful store layout showcases your images at their best, where every image can be easily purchased by your customers as a range of printed products. Customise your store to suit your brand. Set limited edition runs on prints and much more.

Print Shop Example Website with Luca Bravo's images


Print Shop Example Website with Luca Bravo's images
Print Shop Example Website with Josh Wilson Photography's images


Print Shop Example Website with Josh Wilson Photography's images

Josh Wilson Photography
Take me to his shop →

Print on demand product fulfilment:

Enjoy the freedom to experiment with your store. As your orders come in we fulfil them. Which means no upfront investment from you. 

Sell on Facebook and Instagram:

Turn followers into customers. Customers can purchase directly from Instagram and Facebook posts when your store is powered by Queensberry’s Print Shop.

Click here for instructions on setting up your Print Shop or email us if you have any questions.


P.S. we’re not new to this! Print Shop is an add-on to Workspace, which we launched in April 2012 and which has been doing everything we’ve described above ever since. But until now we’ve been focused just on portrait and wedding photography, not decor and fine art. Rest assured, the only thing that’s new about Print Shop is the “front end” — the back end has been working well for years.

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