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We’re introducing one of the biggest changes to our book and album line-up in years.

Today’s email is to tell you all about it. Our next will be to celebrate with two special offers!

For years we’ve offered “free” services with all our albums — free colour correction, free album design, free personal titles, cover motifs and so on. Then, last year, we began experimenting with “unbundling” those services. In other words setting prices for “just the album”, with extra charges for the services if you wanted them.

That’s proved so popular that we’ve decided to offer all our books and albums that way.

In future you’ll NEVER pay for services that you don't use. Colour correction, album design and personal titles will become optional extras. That will apply across ALL our album sizes, cover options and page types, including Duo.

As a result our range of products and services should be simpler and easier to understand … but you’ll probably also enjoy some lower prices (and that's before you deduct your Tier Discount!)

If you don’t use any of the “extras” listed above you’ll definitely pay less — up to 20% in some cases, depending on the size and page type!

Across the range, if you use ALL the extras (colour correction, album design, personal titles) you’ll pay about the same as before — but sometimes less, even then.

Those are the main points, but you’ll find more important details below. So please do read on, and take the time to check our new prices in Workspace.

In a day or two we’ll be announcing two introductory offers!

All the best from everyone at Queensberry


• We’ll be charging colour correction and album design PER PAGE, and introducing a new “Decorative” rate for Q3 album design — meaning additional savings on most orders.
Our goal is to eventually supply ALL albums standard with our suede bag and silver grey presentation box. However 10x7s, 9x9s and 12x9s will be continue to be supplied in bags only, for now.

• The new 12x9 and 9x9 sizes will eventually be available with all page types, including Overlay Matted and Duo. In the meantime they'll be Flushmount only while we develop the resources.

• Depending on the size, you can upgrade to a Designer Box, Display Box or Carry Case. Embossing will now be available on both Designer and Display Boxes, but not Carry Cases.
To reconcile with the new album prices we’ve also updated Photo Book covers. You’ll find savings there too, but a few increases as well. Photo Book page prices remain the same.

• “Studio albums” as a separate category will disappear. However you’ll still be able to order them for the next three months as a transition.

• We’ve been updating our website, help centre, pricing calculators and order processing set-up. If you find anything out of date, inconsistent or wrong, please let us know!

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