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Did you know that we offer free album design and basic colour correction? But ... our holiday season deadline is fast approaching!

Our trained designers are experts at weaving stories from a wedding's worth of images. They're experts at designing our more complex Duo and Musee albums too, leaving you to do what you love and do best – take photos.

When Queensberry designs your album, both you and your client will be able to request changes from the comfort of your computers with our Workspace album proofing system. We know the holiday season can be very busy for you, so let us help you out.

Take advantage of these free services with your next album!

If you're using our free album design service, we'll need your design order by Wednesday 18th October and your approval of our design by Friday 3rd November.

We then ask that you confirm your orders within a couple of days of receiving our order confirmation document.

Victoria x

PS we will still accept orders after those dates but it starts getting harder to be sure of pre-Christmas delivery. Don't delay!

A small charge applies if you want us to design and colour correct the pages in a Portrait Album.

Images in album by Cinemotive, AUS.

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