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Well, another year is over — our 50th! — and it’s time to express our gratitude, as always, to the people who make it happen.

Thank you first to our clients. Your support, friendship and sometimes patience are very much appreciated. We're honoured that you choose to make us part of your own and your clients' stories. Thank you to our regulars, and to the people who joined us for the first time this year. Thank you also if you’ve just rejoined us. It’s great to have you back.



And thank you to our amazing staff! Everything we produce is handmade. Work doubles, trebles and more at this time of year and life can be become very challenging, with 15-hour work days a regular for some of us. Apart from a couple of people dispatching last orders, everyone is now enjoying a well earned break. We're so grateful to the entire team, and to their families for sharing them with us.

We finish the year with hearts full of gratitude and pride, and wish you a wonderful time over the holidays with those you love. Here’s to an amazing 2020!

The best way to communicate with us over the break is by email to We’ll be keeping an eye on Facebook as well. We’ll be back bright-eyed and fresh on the 13th.

— from Stephen, the Baugh family and everyone at Queensberry.


Merry Christmas!!! (from the back, L to R): Chris and Anita; Helen, Adrienne, Chantal and Trish; Brenda and Sofia; Stephanie.

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