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This is the first of a series of articles about enhancing data privacy and controls in Workspace, especially in relation to GDPR.

Our online galleries in Workspace may ask your clients to register for three reasons: when you've opted to require visitors to log in or register before they can view a gallery; when they select their favourite images in a gallery; or when they make a purchase in the shopping cart.

Why the data is collected: Visitor names and emails may be required to fulfil shopping cart transactions, so you can use their favourites in possible future orders, or so you can see who has visited a gallery. Logging in also means your client can access their favourites and shopping cart at a later time. You will be able to view their data in the back end of Workspace but it cannot be used for future marketing. 

Note: Provided you don't require login before visitors can view your images, people do have the option of purchasing products through a guest checkout if they prefer. In that case, no data is saved until the transaction is complete.

We have introduced a new feature that allows your clients to delete their account after they've registered. They will be warned that this will delete all the information stored in Workspace regarding their abandoned carts and favourited images, including their name and email. Their images will NOT be deleted. If your client requests that images be taken down you will need to do this yourself in the back end of Workspace.

Information used to process purchases cannot be deleted, as accounting records must be retained by law. However, it will not be shared or used for any other purpose and will be automatically deleted after seven years.

How to delete: Once the user has logged back in they should click Account in the main nav bar and then click Delete Account.


Read about what we're doing about data protection and online privacy, here


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