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Every year or two we ask the fantastic photographers we work with for fresh new images to beautify our website, sample albums, blog posts etc, and the response always blows us away.

We call this our Bragging Rights promotion because, even though it’s not really a competition, people are proud to have their work chosen from the hundreds of submissions, and we’re very proud to use them.

Our customers come from around the world, and we like to highlight the vibrant cultures, dramatic environments and compelling stories that we see every day in the books and albums we make. This year we chose photographers from Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada, Britain, Italy, Russia and Lithuania.

We’d like to introduce them to you - in no particular order - over the next few weeks...

Polly Alexandre is a wedding photographer who splits her time between London and Ibiza (nice!)

Polly submitted two weddings, and we loved them both. They both have her signature feminine style and soft colours, but were quite different events. One was a romantic wedding in a French Chateau (think soft golds, pink peonies, and a little bit of sparkle).

The other (above) was a funky family-filled wedding day at a rugged coastal location in Ibiza.

Please check out Polly's website for inspiration. Then please go hire a great photographer for your own special occasion! You won’t be sorry!

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