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Continuing on from Katherine’s first post, 'Why Albums?', Katherine has a few more tips about how she educates her clients about printing, and some advice for photographers who might just be starting to offer albums in their packages.


How do you educate your clients about the importance of printing, rather than leaving photographs on a USB?

An album really is a personal preference, so I try not to push them on my clients, but now I have over 50% of my couples order albums, I love to know they will treasure these for 30, 40 maybe even 50 years!

I talk about and share my albums as much as possible on social media, so they can really see my enthusiasm for them and lots of examples that my couples have ordered.


Do you have any advice to give photographers who would like to start offering products to their clients?

I think my biggest piece of advice is to have samples. Most people struggle to visualise what their album will look like, and I find that my couples always buy what they ‘see’. It’s a bit of an investment to start with but so worth it. I also have an album ‘meeting’ after the wedding with all couples that can make it (I have images of all the options for those that can’t) and find that this is really useful. Couples I meet tend to go for bigger albums, more photos, or luxury finishes such as leather, as when they see them they really appreciate the quality.



You run workshops and mentor other photographers. Why are you passionate about sharing your knowledge and experience?

I think working on your own, you really do learn the hard way. I have learnt everything the hard way for the last ten years of running my business. I did invest in some courses, and these predominantly taught me things it would have taken me months or years to learn myself, and usually just in a day!

There is also so much conflicting information out there online and in many different social media groups. It is so easy to get confused and not be sure which direction to take your business.

I love sharing what I have learnt, and I would recommend that anyone considering courses looks not only at their favourite photographers and how they work, but also the business side of things, and how those photographers run their businesses and present themselves, as I feel this is more important at attracting the couples you want than the photos themselves.


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