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Producers of books, albums and print products for photographers worldwide. All products are handmade in New Zealand.
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Melissa Dangerfield

Company role: Graphic Designer. Outside of work you’ll find me...In the kitchen cooking, (Complimented with a sweet glass of NZ wine!) At my local farmers market. At the gym most Saturday mornings. Or stuck in a good book with a green tea in hand.

If your work has been featured on the Queensberry blog or our website we have a selection of new ‘Featured By’ badges for you. Badges like these reinforce your professional status when people visit your site — showing that your work is worthy of sharing. Just choose the badge that works best with your site design, download it and add it to your site with a link to either  www.queensberry.com or the particular post or page where your work was featured. We’ve included a mixture of square and circle designs for you to To View More >>

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Want prints, wall art and boxes in time for Christmas? Our pre-Christmas deadline for books and albums is coming up fast, but it doesn’t apply to loose prints, canvases, boxes etc. But! although we don’t set deadlines for those products, we strongly recommend getting your orders in early. As time passes it gets harder to be sure you’ll get delivery in time, and if too many people leave their orders until the last minute someone’s bound to be disappointed… So, as we did with albums, here's a little nudge to get your orders in early and beat the Holiday To View More >>

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Continuing on from Katherine’s first post, 'Why Albums?', Katherine has a few more tips about how she educates her clients about printing, and some advice for photographers who might just be starting to offer albums in their packages. How do you educate your clients about the importance of printing, rather than leaving photographs on a USB? An album really is a personal preference, so I try not to push them on my clients, but now I have over 50% of my couples order albums, I love to know they will treasure these for 30, 40 maybe even 50 years! I talk about and To View More >>

Apart from the fact that Katherine adores Queensberry albums, she personally feels you can’t beat printed images. In this day and age everyone (herself included) has thousands of photos on their phones, computers and social media accounts, but they rarely get round to printing the images. And yet when you hire a professional photographer the images are of such beautiful quality, it's such a shame to confine them to a ‘screen’, as they take on a whole new dimension when printed. Katherine gives us some sound album advice to ponder, interspersed with beautiful To View More >>

To that old saying about the only certainties being death and taxes, we need to add CHANGE! Change never ends, and as long as you don’t mind a bit of a roller coaster, it’s way more fun! We have so much coming up over the next weeks and months, we thought we’d better give you a heads-up. If you like what we stand for, we think you’ll love what we’re doing. And what do we stand for? Beautiful photography, beautifully presented. But it’s your opinion that matters, so click through to comment on our blog or Facebook. We’d love to To View More >>

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