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How do you design a Queensberry album?

Well, we can design it for you, or you can do it yourself using third party software like Fundy or SmartAlbums, our desktop application Photojunction, or the Workspace Album Designer.

But — let's be frank — until now the Workspace design feature has been just a little underpowered!

We've been working hard to change that, however, and we reckon Workspace Album Designer is turning into a powerful and intuitive program that for many people could just be their best choice. Here's why:

• It's web-based so you can use it anytime, anywhere.

• t's fully integrated with our products and services, so you don't need to worry about technical details like image and page file specifications, maximum page numbers, page dimensions etc — just unleash your inner creative!

• It's linked to Workspace album proofing, so you can get feedback and sign-off from your clients before placing their orders.

• It's free to use and, being template-based, easy to use as well. Simply open up Workspace in your browser, set up a book or album order, select Workspace Design as the "design method", enter the album details, click Save Album and we'll take you direct to the Album Designer.


What’s different?

There are lots of enhancements in the first release, but the most noticeable is that the layouts scale to your display. It will look good on your laptop but great on your big screen!

We've worked with our album designers to release around a thousand new templates for Flushmounts and Q-Books (new matted templates coming soon). We love them, and hope you do too.

Button updates:

To view album details click GO TO and then Album Details.

To share the design with clients click SHARE and then “Share with client for feedback and approval”

These button changes also apply to Queensberry designed and "third-party" designed albums. Read here for details.

Functionality updates

Take a look at our short video to see a few of the functionality updates that make the new Workspace Album Designer quick and easy to use.

Need help?

You'll find plenty of related articles about Workspace and Queensberry products and services on our main website and help centre, but click here for helpful video tutorials and articles about the Album Designer.

We will be introducing changes as they are released by posting details on the Queensberry blog, and also on our closed Facebook group, Queensberry Insider, which you can click here to join.

Please do contact us if you have questions or concerns — or even better, suggestions! We’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading.

All the best from everyone at Queensberry

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