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How do you stand out from the crowd? What types of albums should you offer? How do you target high-end clients? Those are all good questions. Today we share why Duo albums could be the answer. 


01. Turn your images into art
What make Duos different are their unique pagemount mats. They frame your images with a striking key line, created by meticulously hand-trimming and mounting each print to fit inside the mat opening — each one presented with the same care and attention as your framed wall art.

02. A package superstar
If you're thinking about moving upmarket or targeting high-end clients, you need something for people to aspire to. Yes, Flushmounts are our most popular albums … but Duo are our most exclusive.

Many photographers offer Duo alone, but for most it could sit more comfortably as the Best option in their Good Better Best range of packages. Carefully thought-out packages encourage people to upgrade, and enhance your average sale. 


03. Designed to last 
Albums are investments in future family heirlooms, and your clients will expect the best. Like all our albums, Duos are handmade from the finest materials, and with restrained classic taste that will look as impressive to future generations as it does today.

04. For every photograph
There's nothing more splendid than a large format Pagemount Duo that tells the story of a grand wedding, but Duo can do small too. We've seen everything from baby portraits to boudoir to 50th anniversary studies, with every photograph presented at its very best.


05. Give them a custom Duo
There's nothing more breathtaking than opening the wing pages of a large format Duo to reveal a layout that can be 60in (1.5m) wide, or even more. Split mats, full bleed sides, wing and flip pages and carry cases are all options with our Duo albums. They really do make you, and their album, stand out from the crowd.

06. Your best silent salesman

"Oh, you work at Queensberry... I have a Queenberry, my photographer was..."

We hear that all the time, and so will your future clients. Your clients, and their albums, make convincing salesmen! Albums are to be shared, and people share with their friends — who could be your next clients. They'll ask who did it … and how much it cost. Chances are they'll be proud to say! Just make sure your name is printed on the title page as well.

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