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Has your lab stopped offering traditional silver halide printing? It’s sad to see such a gloriously refined technology abandoned. With forty years pro lab experience, and chemicals in our veins, we aren’t ready to turn our backs on traditional photographic printing just yet. In fact we think it retains an important place, and we’re committed to the technology.

But here’s why the Big Boy Labs are selling the line that silver halide is finished. Their top priority is, and must be, internal efficiency. They have expensive, high-volume machines to pay for, and they need your business to feed them.

We face the same challenges as the big labs, but we believe it's our job to deliver professional photographers exceptional printing on a range of technology.

Read on for more or click through for a limited-time special offer on our frames, boxes, matted prints and canvases.

Freedom of the Press

We don't believe that what works for consumers necessarily works in the pro market. Professional photographers want (need) to stand out from the crowd in their niche and photographic style … as well as in the quality of their work, the products they sell and the print technology they use.

So, though we love silver halide, we’re not married to it. In fact we’re just as committed to inkjet and digital offset. Simply put, the technology should match the end product … and our customers’ preferences.

Door to door responsibility, worldwide

Most photographers know us as a high-end album company, but in 2003 we bought New Zealand’s premier pro lab (Chromatek, established 1974), so we could deliver our albums, printed and fully assembled, to customers around the world.

Our competitors generally outsource, but we built a seamless, single-supplier "the buck-stops-here” service - and not just for albums. Today we make beautiful press books, frames, image boxes, canvases and more.

All of which you can buy direct at wholesale prices, like any other lab, or share and sell, at prices you decide, on Workspace, our image hosting platform. It’s a unique service in this part of the world, and possibly anywhere.

Why you can trust us with your printing

Buying that lab was the biggest gamble in Queensberry's history. We were asking photographers around the world to abandon their local lab and send their files to us for printing. We would crash and burn if our customers didn’t - or couldn’t - trust us to print and bind an expensive album, and to deliver it, often to the other side of the globe, SIGHT UNSEEN.

That's not a problem if you’re not fussy, but our customers are quite rightly amongst the most demanding out there.

If you’re not happy with a print from your local lab, it’s no big deal for them to shrug and print you another one. But we turn prints with a production cost of a dollar or two into $500, $1000, $1500 albums and ship them round the world. The cost of not getting it right first time is enormous!

The fact that today 99% of our books and albums are printed at Queensberry speaks for itself. Consistent high quality is more than an aspiration for us, it’s critical to our success.

Trust - the commodity in shortest supply

They say that trust is the commodity in shortest supply today, and if you're not already a customer we’d love you to share a little with us! So that you can discover…

- How our printing and presentation help you stand out from the crowd.

- Why our customers love our support as much as our printing.

- How competitive our prices are.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

It’s not just that we believe we can produce better prints for you, but because in a constantly changing industry, who knows what tomorrow will bring?

There may be chemicals in our veins but in the end it’s the printed image in our DNA. No matter how our prints are created, our commitment to professional photography, new technologies and a high quality, hands-on, eyes-on experience won’t change.

So as we’ve been inviting photographers for many years, “Take the first step and we’ll go the extra mile!”

A sincere thank you for reading this. Before I leave, a reminder of our special offer. Or if you need a little more convincing, or help getting started, I hope you’ll give us a call.

Best wishes, Stephen

PS We’re not just retaining silver halide, we’re extending it. We’ll be announcing new print and product options very shortly.