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Photograph in album by Izo photography Photograph in album by Izo photography A new Queensberry sample album will boost your sales, profits and market profile, and we have a juicy early New Year Special to kick start 2017… 50% discount on all sample albums ordered before the end of March It’s not just a bargain, it’s easy too! We’ll design and colour correct your album for free – all we need is your image files. Just order in Workspace or Photojunction as usual, and request sample discount. If you're ordering in december, your album To View More >>

It’s hard to believe it’s that time of year again, and once again I am filled with gratitude and respect for the people who make it all happen.  Last year Dad wrote our  end of year message, and he included a chart showing how, after nine months of regular sales, Queensberry’s business  trebles at this time of year, every year.  A challenge for every business — and yes we feel for the retail staff who will be serving us this and next week! — but enormous for people who turn out totally custom, handmade products like ours. Work hours double, To View More >>

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Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays — whatever people say where you come from! — the year is flying by and everybody is going to want their books and albums soon. It's a crazy time of year for all of us, so to minimise stress and ensure that your orders get to your door on time we'd like to remind you of our close-down timeline. We close at 3.30pm on Tuesday 22nd December 2015 and re-open at 8am Wednesday 13th January 2016 (a few of our office team will be back a week earlier). January bridal shows. If you need sample albums for early January shows, please To View More >>

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We are very grateful to our customers for the work they send our way, and we're equally thankful to our staff. It takes so many skilled people to create our books and albums: designers, image retouchers, colour correctors, printers, page-makers, mat cutters, assemblers and bookbinders. Not to mention our IT, Admin and Sale and Support teams. (This movie by Johannes will give you an insight!) This week we want to thank everyone* by giving them Friday off – a chance to relax in quiet times before we get swept up in the pre-holiday season craziness, To View More >>

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If you're a regular user you’ll have noticed big changes to Workspace over the last few weeks. We introduced a stack of functional changes, especially to the album set-up and client website pages, but also... 1. We've improved the navigation, so the important stuff is easier to find. We're hoping the BUY and SELL tabs help direct you to the most important functions in Workspace for many people — ordering from Queensberry, and setting up a shopping cart to make your own sales. Alongside are direct links to your image galleries, your book and album designs, and your website, To View More >>

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