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Stephen Baugh

As we reach our last workday before closing for the holidays we want to send you very sincere thanks for your support over the last year. While the pandemic itself is largely behind us — at least in the sense that people are generally back to “business as usual” — for much of the world the social and economic “hangover” is still with us. Some in our own industry are among those still feeling the after-effects, and our thoughts will be with them this Christmas. But overall our community continues to inspire us with its resilience in adapting successfully to a To View More >>

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If you're a regular user you’ll have noticed big changes to Workspace over the last few weeks. We introduced a stack of functional changes, especially to the album set-up and client website pages, but also... 1. We've improved the navigation, so the important stuff is easier to find. We're hoping the BUY and SELL tabs help direct you to the most important functions in Workspace for many people — ordering from Queensberry, and setting up a shopping cart to make your own sales. Alongside are direct links to your image galleries, your book and album designs, and your website, To View More >>

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I originally posted this on a private Facebook forum, where it got a lot of discussion — so what do you think? I've been watching people asking for feedback on their price lists — asking if their pricing should be online, asking if everything should be shown upfront, and these discussions make me think about the real problem with price lists. The way I see it is, most price lists make it sound like photographers sell USBs full of images, or pieces of paper — even boxes full of pieces of paper — and the problem with that is that To View More >>

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CHOICE, TRUST AND TECHNOLOGY Has your lab stopped offering traditional silver halide printing? It’s sad to see such a gloriously refined technology abandoned. With forty years pro lab experience, and chemicals in our veins, we aren’t ready to turn our backs on traditional photographic printing just yet. In fact we think it retains an important place, and we’re committed to the technology. But here’s why the Big Boy Labs are selling the line that silver halide is finished. Their top priority is, and must be, internal efficiency. They have expensive, high-volume machines To View More >>

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Our support team deals with photographers all day, every day. We know how people struggle with technology. And we think the software that professionals use can be part of the problem… making things worse, not better. How does this make sense? - Hosting your images with one provider, but your website somewhere else. Creating customer websites with a third provider, and mobile apps with a fourth. Designing albums with a fifth, and proofing them with a sixth. Branding your blog images with a seventh, but actually blogging somewhere else again! Each time there's another piece of software to To View More >>

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