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Hand Luggage

The first time I truly understand the power behind a brand name…

I'm pulled over in Customs to be searched (I've obviously forgotten to take my nail file out of my make-up bag again – It happens far too often!)

I open my bag and they start their search. The security guy is rummaging around my bag and unpacking it, naming everything as it came out, "Make up bag… novel… album…"

So I stop him right there.

"How do you know it's an album?" (It's in a Queensberry box.)

"Oh," he said, "we see these boxes coming through all the time, we just know it's an album. I hear they're pretty good." And he continues to unpack the rest of my items – a random moment, but one that I treasure…

I've never been more proud of our brand than I was that day, but what I loved most was knowing that there are albums going in and out of Customs every day in people's hand luggage. And we all know that the most precious things get packed in our hand luggage.

Sonya x

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