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More updates to our Frame range. Let us know what you think! 

Circle apertures: Circles have made a comeback, can you believe it? After many requests we've just added them to our frame collection. Just select a template from our range for matted or un-matted frames when setting up your order in Workspace. 

Torn edge floating prints: Torn edge floating prints are available for frame sizes 10x8 and above. They're super impressive and look great big or small. They are only available with Fine Art printing and single apertures. Select Floating, torn edge, then one of our Fine Art options as your print type.


Framed Canvases: We teased Framed Canvases on our Instagram last week and got lots of calls from people asking how they could get their hands on one! Well they're now available to order in Workspace. Select Framed Foamboard, no acrylic, and then one of our Canvas options as the print type. We think our Standard canvas looks great, and it's conservation quality. The canvas will be mounted on foam board and the frame supplied without acrylic.

As well as canvas we offer framed foamboard-mounted Lustre prints, texturised so they can be supplied without acrylic.


Printing options: You can order our Frames with any of our Silver Halide, Canvas or Fine Art print options. Why not try Metallic silver halide for a distinctive, eye catching look? Colour jumps off the paper with a clean, clear vibrancy. Metallic offers natural-looking skin tones, sharp details, and beautifully-saturated colours. 

Haven't checked out our new frames? Read about the complete update here and view pricing here

Ready to take the plunge? Get 20% off all frames until 1 September with promo code BETTERWALLS. Normal conditions apply.


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