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If you heven't logged into Workspace for a while you may be surprised next time by a very different looking platform. That’s because our December upgrade has now been rolled out. Here's what we've done.


Interface upgrade (updated, simpler, more intuitive)

Although much of what we've done in this upgrade is "behind the scenes", we’ve also worked hard on the user interface. We've gone for a cleaner, more contemporary look, refined things to keep pace with evolving web design standards, and repositioned and relabelled buttons and other calls to action to make Workspace more intuitive to work with. We'd love to hear your feedback!


Speed improvements (no more coffee breaks!)

You might not notice this immediately but it's a major! Here's a user email to give you an idea of what it feels like: 

“I needed to delete a few hundred images from one of my galleries and I knew this would take a while, so begun the deletion process and was about to get up to make myself a coffee while I waited. Before I stood up it was done.”


Spring Cleaning

We've temporarily retired "storyboards", "third-party album proofing" and a few other features while we rethink how to make them better.


Uploading directly to categories

Categories are a great way to sort your images so your clients can jump to a certain part of the gallery. For example, for a wedding you might divide the gallery up into "Getting Ready, Ceremony, Reception." You can now upload directly into those categories using the Workspace uploader. 

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Combined settings

We've reorganised Workspace Settings so that everything is located in the same place. Click Settings in the Workspace navigation and you'll see that you can now set account details, event defaults, price lists, custom domains and more all within the one window. 

Lifetime Workspace is back! 

To celebrate we're bringing Lifetime Workspace back!  WORKSPACE BASIC FOR $99. FOR LIFE. Think about it — you could pay your existing provider a subscription every year for the rest of your career, or act now and get online galleries, blogging, and a sales platform for life.

What’s in it for you? Doing wholesale business with Queensberry on Workspace is free, but you need a paid account to use it as a platform to host, share and sell, whether products or digital downloads. What’s in it for us? Most people who take up this offer are Queensberry regulars. We want to support them however we can … and chances are we’ll get more business from the products you’ll sell on Workspace ;-)

Because Workspace means serious business! Our top users have hit yearly sales over $150,000. Our top monthly payout was over $20k. (We’re not sure what the customer thought was the best thing about that — the money or the fact we did all the work!)

Workspace is as simple or as powerful as you need. Whether you’re looking for a shopping cart, a blogging platform, a place to proof your albums — oh, just look at the feature list! — you can do it all, and do it in Workspace. And for a strictly limited time, one $99 payment gives you Workspace Basic for life.

We love Workspace. Give it a chance and we reckon you will too.



P.s. We understand change can sometimes be a little disconcerting, so please feel free to email if you have any questions about these updates. We have a team of people who can help you. 

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