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David with his Queensberry book

We get to see many beautiful stories at Queensberry, and sometimes we need to share them.

David Edmonson and his son Luke, both multi-award winning wedding, portrait and commercial photographers, are based in Dallas Texas.

After a major health challenge David decided to take on a personal project, which this lovely book documents.

I’ve don’t usually take books and albums home with me, but I just had to spend some time with this one, absorbing the images, reading the compelling words he uses to describe them, and the messages he wants his children and grandchildren to take away from them. It left me a little bit teary … okay, a lot teary :-)

I can’t even begin to imagine the hours and effort that went into creating those beautiful images, especially given that David says he had to relearn his craft in the process.

"Woman with parasol"

The best part for me was that I had the privilege of hand-carrying David’s book to WPPI this year, and being there when he opened it for the first time. David started to talk about the photographs — and I have to say, reading the book was one thing, but listening to him talk about them while holding the book was even better. And yes, I ended up in tears again.

I was thinking about this the other day — how lovely the experience of delivering that book was for me, and what an incredible loss it would be not to have those images in print, with his words to accompany them — when it dawned on me.

This is how David and Luke must feel whenever they hand over their beautiful books and albums to clients. Watching their emotion as the day unfolds before them.

How proud they must feel when their hard work reaches this beautiful, final form that can be shared over and over again. Between the two of them, how many times have they experienced that feeling? I wish I could bottle it, to help people understand why it’s so energising and sustaining.

Sonya x

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