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A few clients have told us that they prefer to export their own printing files (page layouts) in Photojunction, but the "Export" button seems to have disappeared. So what have we done with it?Whether the Export button appears or not is dependent on whether you or we (Queensberry) are to do the exporting, and that depends on the option you choose in the Service dropdown menu during album set up.Looking at the screenshot, if you choose Print and Assemble you'll need to do the export - ie create the PSD layouts and, if need be, edit the files before you upload them to us. If you chose Export, Print To View More >>

Are you using the Workspace Desktop Uploader or the Lightroom Plugin? Due to a few issues discovered last week, we've made some fixes to these uploaders and we recommend upgrading from version 1.9 to 2.0 as soon as possible. You can download the latest versions below. Workspace Desktop Uploader Mac | Windows Plugin for Lightroom Mac & Windows Cheers, Anna To View More >>

I'm a bit frustrated! We have two new initiatives to launch but we can't get either out until next week, so I thought I'd try and clear up a few misconceptions about SEO... SEO comes to mind for two reasons. First, in Ian's 14 Tips post a while back he said (rather carelessly!), "10. Link to the venues, florists, dressmakers and other vendors who were connected to the event - another Workspace feature. They'll love you for it, and linking is great for SEO." Someone commented, "Yes, linking is great for SEO, but for the [site] you are linking to, not for you… I'm always wary about linking to…vendors' To View More >>

This is something that trips people up sometimes if for some reason they need to send us new or edited files for a job. The Queensberry team doesn't have access to your Workspace account, so we can't work directly with your Workspace image collections. Instead, when you send us an order the hi res files are automatically downloaded to our local server. For the same reason, if you need to send us new or edited files, simply adding more images to your Workspace Event doesn't give us access to them. This is how to send us the new files. 1. Upload the new images to the original Workspace Event (not To View More >>

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Pete and Ian have been blogging about colour management systems and how they help to ensure your image editing work delivers predictable colour and high-quality printing. But there's a lot to think about! Even the light you're working in can affect the results … or the clothes you're wearing, or the colour of your walls. So what could be easier? Getting us to do the work! Here's an incredibly simple new service, and a special offer: Batch Colour Correction by Queensberry in Lightroom. You can use our plugins, no matter where you are in the world, to send us DNG files from raw images you select To View More >>

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