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Quite a while ago we had to change the URL Photojunction links to for updates. Unfortunately this has meant that, even though we publicised the change at the time, some people are still using a very old version. Whenever we've encountered this we have helped the user upgrade, and this is another reminder.Check the version number you're running (bottom left of the start-up screen). If it's anything other than 1.71 you need to update. If your version is newer than 1.53 Photojunction will download the latest version automatically (all you have to do is agree).However if you're on version 1.53 or To View More >>

A few clients have told us that they prefer to export their own printing files (page layouts) in Photojunction, but the "Export" button seems to have disappeared. So what have we done with it?Whether the Export button appears or not is dependent on whether you or we (Queensberry) are to do the exporting, and that depends on the option you choose in the Service dropdown menu during album set up.Looking at the screenshot, if you choose Print and Assemble you'll need to do the export - ie create the PSD layouts and, if need be, edit the files before you upload them to us. If you chose Export, Print To View More >>

Warning: Your high-res files are missing! At one stage or another in your relationship with Photojunction I'm sure you've encountered this warning. If it was a popularity contest it would end up below car salesmen, cold callers and politicians. But love it (nobody) or hate it (everybody) it's there for a good reason. Photojunction travels along paths. It follows those paths to locate, use and update the proxy images, hi res files and exports created as you work. The rules are simple. If you don't move, rename or delete your files and folders, Photojunction will find them. But life isn't simple, To View More >>

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Photojunction's alignment tools are pretty cool (here's a video) but just occasionally tech support gets asked a question, and we think, "I should know that" or, "Good idea - can PJ do it?" Today I got asked about aligning images centrally between a panorama image and the edge of the page, as in the picture. When in doubt I ask a developer. Yes, they said, and here's how: 1. Add your images to the page and arrange them roughly where you want them to be. In this case I would place the pano image how I want it and then align and space the three smaller images as a group, as normal. The challenge To View More >>

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Power users really like keyboard shortcuts, especially in winworld it seems, so here's a list of Remix's many keyboard shortcuts from our online tutorial pages. Next week we'll post about right-click and modifier-key functions. HTH, Ian To View More >>

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