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Producers of books, albums and print products for photographers worldwide. All products are handmade in New Zealand.
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Kate Hopewell-Smith believes that the more confident you are, the better photographer you'll become. But she worries about the lack of confidence in our industry, and wonders how many photographers are considering whether to carry on or not…From my experience meeting and communicating with lots of photographers there is a serious problem out there with lack of confidence, which for some can become quite debilitating. In fact I describe it as an “epidemic” –extremely prevalent, widespread.I read a lot of photography magazines but I can’t recall ever To View More >>

Written by: Clare BrehenyWhen I worked in a corporate environment we would have literally hundreds of company-specific terms and acronyms that we used in meetings and emails to describe processes, systems, customers, products etc etc.When someone new joined the company we’d forget and spout out all these three letter acronyms, and we would see their face glaze over as if we were speaking a foreign language. For us, that was how things worked and what things were called. It was our day-to-day language and modus operandi. It would take a new person joining to remind us that To View More >>

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Written by: Clare BrehenyWhen someone asks me what I do for a living and I tell them I’m a boudoir photographer, the usual response is, ‘Oh, women getting pictures for their husbands,’ or ‘Oh, like a bride giving it as a gift on a wedding day’.Every time I shake my head, and explain that’s it’s WAY more than that… but how do you say modestly that the time you spend with them might actually change how they live their lives?Whilst working with a bride embarking on her wedding day is very rewarding, some of my favourite clients have come to me To View More >>

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We admit it - we’re excited to see that our gorgeous new boudoir project has been outed on social media, and we’ve been overwhelmed with enquiries. We’re very grateful, thank you, it’s just happened a little faster than we’d planned, so this is to let you know where we're up to!We’ve finished product design and pricing, but are still working our way through the web site, price calculators and ordering system, which means we may not be able to answer all your questions right now. Still, here are some links you can check out now...1.Most To View More >>

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Written by: Koby & Terilyn Brown – Archetype Studio Our boudoir line is called J’adore, which means ‘to adore’ in French. Brides book a J’adore shoot to create an amazing, intimate gift to give their groom on the wedding day.Imagine the groom receiving this album on the wedding day… Can’t you see the grin spread across his face when he opens this very special book? I’m pretty sure most grooms agree that this really is an amazing gift. Koby says it’s so much more than the bride even realizes.But there is another reason that a bride books To View More >>

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