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Producers of books, albums and print products for photographers worldwide. All products are handmade in New Zealand.
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Together, Studio Boxes and Portrait Albums make a beautiful matched set — a great outcome for your clients, and a perfect value-add for the proud photographer. Studio Boxes are made for professional photographers, and as you can see Portrait Albums work perfectly with them. They're portable, affordable, look great, and they offer your client the ability to buy extra images, or perhaps a different set for the album than they selected for the box. With its light, feminine feel, Pearl Buckram is a great choice for both box To View More >>

Sarah Brookes’ first boudoir shoot was for a friend getting married. She shot some beautiful images of her friend in her bridal lingerie and found the experience captivating. Now she wonders if it’s the best job in the world, working one-to-one with her clients on something so important to them, and witnessing their personal transformations. “I get lots of lovely comments from the husband/ fiancé too, thanking me for capturing their partner in such a beautiful way. What a privilege!” Sarah enjoys the technical challenges as well. Every booking is different, To View More >>

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We designed, printed and bound a number of special edition Q-Books for AIBP (Association of International Boudoir Photographers). The books feature a collection of beautiful photographs that were part of the “2014 Best of AIBP Image Competition”. (We were 'oohing' and 'ahhing' throughout the entire product shoot).AIBP seeks to unite professional boudoir photographers globally, to share in common interests from the beauty, art, technique and business aspects of the industry. AIBP has members on six continents, and believes in recognizing amazing talent, which To View More >>

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Any serious professional will tell you that photography isn’t an easy way to make a living, and it probably won't make you rich. Even Annie Leibovitz filed for bankruptcy.Here is a piece of our story on the journey to where we are today. By Koby & Terilyn Brown. Early in 2010 Koby and I had a serious talk about the direction of Archetype Studio. Key to that discussion was figuring out what lifestyle we wanted to live.For us, photography is about passion. The need to craft memories into something emotionally tangible. It’s about freedom to go where the wind blows, and live To View More >>

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Written by: Kate Hopewell-SmithCome summertime you can’t open a newspaper or magazine without articles about getting your body ‘beach ready’. Many women are secretly terrified at the prospect of getting into swimwear publicly, because whilst very few people actually suffer from body dysmorphia (the belief that one's appearance is unusually defective) most women have body issues. The truth is that I deal with this reality on a regular basis because I shoot a lot of boudoir photography.Last week I put a few pictures on Facebook from a shoot that both I, and the lady in To View More >>

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