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Something changed for the better a few months ago, when we launched Print Shop, our platform for photographers and artists who are selling their work online as decor or works of art. Print Shop users have been very successful selling more expensive, more profitable, products — frames rather than loose prints, for example, larger frames rather than smaller ones. The work is beautiful, of course, and it is being sold as wall art, but we do think the Print Shop "store front"  and product previews have helped with this success.

That's why we're making the same store available for wedding and portrait galleries … and it's launching very, very soon! Here's an exclusive sneak peak.

The store front

Our new store front shows the products you sell in a beautifully laid out store. When your customers click Buy a store front will pop up, with the image they've chosen appearing superimposed in the product photograph, as it will appear in their purchase. How cool!


Stripe Payment Gateway

You've asked and we've answered! Stripe will be a new payment alternative to PayPal, meaning you and your clients can purchase easily by credit or debit card. This will be available for both Client Galleries and Print Shop purchases, as well as for your own wholesale purchases. More details to come. 

Product Previews 

Product previews will allow your customers to see the product being built in front of them — especially important for frame sales.  As they make selections like frame colour etc, the product preview will update on the fly to help them visualise their purchase.


Multi Sheet previews

Multisheets are a popular product for school and event photographers. A Multisheet is one print with the same image printed on it in multiple sizes (also known as wallet prints). In the past there was no way for your client to preview what they were getting, but now, when they select a multisheet, they'll see a visual of exactly what they'll get. 

(By the way, if you don't already know, Workspace has an specialist gallery option designed for large volume work, e.g. schools, events, sports and so on. If you're looking for a new gallery platform with an integrated store system, email us to request a demo.)


There'll be a whole new emphasis on packages, making it easier than ever to bundle popular products together, and encourage your customers to buy more — and save! The new layout will look best if you upload images to illustrate your packages. So if you're using packages we suggest editing them to include a visual.  Simply open the package you want to edit and upload a display image (optimal dimensions, 700 x 497px).

New Client Gallery Designs

We launched our new Client Gallery designs a couple of months ago, but we'd like to see a lot more photographers using them! Our new gallery styles are definitely the ones to go for. Click here to see them in action and instructions on updating your gallery defaults.

Improved Mobile Experience

We've made many improvements to the mobile shopping experience to ensure your clients have a first class experience viewing images and purchasing on mobile. 


We hope you'll love this new update as much as we do. Stay tuned for the launch within the next week or two!

To find out more about Workspace and the explore the amazing features available, click here. 


PS. A big shout out to our friends at Cinemotive (AUS) who’s work is featured throughout this post. 

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