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Don't you love the ENTER PROMO CODE box when you're shopping online? Everyone loves a bargain!

Workspace coupons allow you to offer discounts in your shopping cart … but why give money away?

A few suggestions to think about:

– Offer free shipping or a discount if clients spend over a certain amount. 

– Throw in something extra. Something that doesn't cost you much time or money, that adds value to their experience without reducing yours!

- Offer package deals — maybe digital files with their studio box, or a set of canvases from their family shoot.

– Set up special offers to your email list, your blog and social media followers, or new registrations.

How it works.

Your customers just enter their coupon code when they check out, and click 'validate'. Watch the tutorial video below to see how to create a coupon in Workspace, and how your customers use it.

You can personalise coupons in so many ways. Allow a percentage discount, or a dollar value. Set a minimum spend, or a maximum discount. Restrict them to a single person, or a single use. Restrict them to specific products. Make them available for a limited time. Apply them to all your image galleries, or a single collection. Offer discounts on shipping. 

Before going live we recommend testing your coupon in the shopping cart to make sure you’ve set the parameters correctly. Enjoy! 

You can read more about Workspace Coupons here.


Do you have interesting ideas or creative ways to use coupons in your marketing? Comment below. And for more on Workspace, browse our Help Centre.

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