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Some Workspace users have more than one account (separate brands for their wedding and portrait businesses, for example).

Some busy studios have several people working in the same Workspace account (photographers, designers, sales people, for example).

And some users do work for the owners of multiple Workspace accounts (album designers, editors, site managers, for example).

In all those scenarios the Workspace Accounts and Users function makes life very easy.

Save 40% on your annual Workspace subscription. Just quote WS40 when subscribing or updating.

*Conditions apply.

Users will need to set up their own Workspace Account, but they won't need a paid subscription unless they're doing business in Workspace themselves. Once logged in, they'll be able to swap between all the Accounts they have permission to access — without needing to log out and log back in with another password.

And it's just as easy for Account owners to add multiple users to their Workspace Account and manage what each User can do. Simply invite people to become a User and restrict what they do by editing their permission to perform specific tasks, such as album design or guest posting on your blog.

Once you restrict their permissions, Users will only be able to access what you want them to see! Blog content editors won't be able to see your sales information, for example, unless you allow them to, of course.

Watch the tutorial below to see how to add different Users, adjust their permissions and switch easily between Workspace Accounts.


Invite a User to your Account (0.41)
Switch between your Accounts (2.22)

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