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Over the past few months we've had fruitful conversations with many photographers about in-person sales and how we can best support them. As a result we've made changes to both our product range and pricing. Here's what's changed: 

Matted prints: 
We’ve adjusted the sizes of our matted prints (whether supplied ”loose”, in bulk or in boxes). They're now exactly 10x8in and 14x11in, slightly smaller than before. Please note, that doesn't guarantee they will fit all frames sold in those nominal sizes — our research shows that frame sizes do vary, so if you’re buying ready-made frames we recommend checking the fit.

Studio Boxes for in-person sales: 
As you may know, we offer empty 10x8 and 14x11 Studio Boxes so you can assemble the finished product in-studio when you make a sale (you order the slip-in mats and prints separately). We've now dropped the minimum box order from 5 to 1 so you can get started in this market at minimum cost.

Studio Boxes are now available in all our linen and buckram colours. Bulk orders are subject to availability. This is rarely an issue but we will advise if there is any delay.


Save on slip-in mats:
We offer slip-in mats in packs of 20, and you'll save if you match the number of boxes and mats when placing your order. That's because we save on freight costs if you order that way, and we pass the savings on to you. Order a single pack of mats and no box and our old prices apply. Order more than one mat pack without boxes and you'll pay less — but for the best price, order equal numbers of boxes and mat packs!

Bulk savings:
We've made it easier to get started for a small outlay, but you'll save if you order in bulk:

• Buy 6 or more mat packs and the price drops;
• Buy 10 or more Studio Boxes and the price drops; and
•  Buy 10 or more Studio Boxes, and Studio Embossing is free.

Studio Embossing: 
Studio Embossing is our most popular personalisation option for Studio Boxes. If you want us to emboss your studio logo you'll need to supply artwork, just as with Custom Embossing, but the cost of the block will be covered the first time you use it. After that we charge only a small Studio Embossing fee each time we re-use it. And it's free on box orders of ten or more.

If you have any questions please email

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