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This is the second of four posts from Megan DiPiero with advice about how to build a stronger brand and brand message— to add purpose to your marketing, draw attention to your service, and ultimately increase sales. Click here for Part 1, Identifying the Client Experience. Today Megan offers some questions to help you determine your brand's purpose and passion.

Where does success start?

It starts with the FUNDAMENTALS.


It begins with identifying your purpose and your passion. Creating a mission for your brand is crucial to success, and gives you direction as a brand/company.

When clients come to me asking why they’re not selling I always get them to answer the few simple questions that follow. Take some time to answer them yourself. These questions are the very bedrock on which you build your brand.


Write down your answers. Sit with it. If you can’t answer immediately, there’s a good chance that you don’t know the heart of your business. If that's the case, take a bit longer… It’s time to develop the purpose behind your brand.

• What is your primary purpose in creating a portrait (or wedding or pet or landscape or whatever) photography business? 

• WHY are you moved to create portraits for your clients?

• If what you are selling is the EXPERIENCE (and not the actual images), then what are you doing to deliver that experience in a memorable way?

 • What would be the very BEST client endorsement someone could share? What would you like people to say about their experience with you?

• How are you different from other photographers in your area?

• What kind of relationship do you wish to have with your clients?


If you find that your primary responses are centred around money, you will have a harder time selling that to clients. Remember, Subway wants you to “Eat Fresh.” Their message comes through loud and clear. Imagine if that famous jingle was: “Subway… Make Money.” A little less catchy, wouldn’t you say? Focus on WHY you do what you do, and the results (and the profit) will be magnified. 


TIP: Read the book “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek for a ton more insight on this topic.


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