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When Rosie, from Rosie Wedderburn Photography, alerted us to this outstanding review, we knew we had to share her kind words, and not just because it set us up to feel pretty good about ourselves for the day! It's not like we never get kind feedback, but what struck us about Rosie's is that she's talking about our most "affordable" album, and as you can see it underlines the fact that we don't compromise on quality to hit the price point. Thanks again Rosie, one day we'll see if we can fit you out with a Duo sample! <lol>

New Product! Incredible quality photo albums

"I am an absolute stickler for quality. When doing a recent bathroom refit, I spent literally HOURS pouring over images of virtually identical taps to work out which were the best quality for the lowest price. I dread to think how long I have spent redoing calligraphy commissions* because there is one minuscule wobble on one upstroke!

"In short, I can say with absolute certainty that you can trust the products that I produce after a photo shoot to be of the best quality. My photographic prints are done by a small company in the North of England who produce incredible, archive quality prints for extremely reasonable prices. My framing is all done by a local, North London, one-man bespoke framing service, who really knows his stuff. The beautiful, heavyweight mounts are produced in Ireland by an extremely friendly team whose quality control is superb. 

"But I've shied away from offering photobooks for some years now because I had never found any that are the highest quality for a reasonable price. Until now!"


"Can I just be totally clear: this is not a sponsored post. I am not in any way affiliated with this photobook company, but when I find a great shop, I tell my friends about it, so it seems unfair to keep my latest discovery to myself! 

"I recently got some sample photo albums made by Queensberry and I was bowled over by the quality of them. The texture of the pages is tactile and wonderful, and the image colour is clear and true."


"I love the slightly pearlescent cover, the heavyweight pages that feel extremely luxurious and the neat little suede bag that the albums are presented in."


"Are they the cheapest photo albums on the market? No. Unfortunately not! But I'm not willing to admit how much money I have spent on getting sample albums made by a huge variety of different companies, which have then not stood up to my rigorous quality control?.  These Queensberry albums are the first that have passed the test and they are genuinely the highest quality. I can imagine them being passed down through the family, laughed over and enjoyed for years to come."





* Being a serial entrepreneur, I run a very small calligraphy business as well as being a photographer!

? My rigorous quality control consists of asking myself: "Would I feel happy spending this much of my own money on this product?"! 

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