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Are you a freelance creative looking for a space to work in and collaborate with others? Are you tired of working from home? Keen to connect with like minds in related fields?

If that sounds like you, Queensberry's Co-Working Space might be what you’re looking for!

A unique position has opened up for us, which means we now have an amazing office space to fill in Glen Eden, West Auckland. Our goal is to fill a creative hub with designers, social media marketing experts, content creators, photographers and others. A bunch of people keen to build their own businesses of course, but who can also — ideally! — support each other by “filling in the gaps” with their specialist expertise.


What WE’LL bring is the desk, the network, the lunch room etc… Couches and tables to socialise and share. Maybe even space to host a client or a small workshop. Or the opportunity to promote your services to our own long-established client base.

And maybe what YOU’LL bring could be a bit different! Our 12-14 permanent desks could be at no cost to the right person.

We know that not everyone is in a position to pay cash … or maybe you’d just like to hang on to yours, and do a trade instead.

So, cash is always an option — but if we’re a good fit for each other we’d look at you paying in kind with a couple of hours of work each week in your field of expertise. That might be consulting on design projects, creating graphics, editing videos, copy or images … whatever you think you might be able to offer. Trading resources could make this a super affordable opportunity for you and your business.



Features Include:

High Speed Internet
Meeting Space
Print / Scan / Copy
Coffee and Tea Provided
Furnished Office Space
Professional printing services for marketing materials
Air Conditioner
Space for photography, podcasting and videos

If you're keen to know more please email us here with a bit about yourself, what you’re into and what you’re looking for, and we'll be in touch.

Before we go, here’s a bit about Queensberry.

We’ve been in business for 50+ years producing high end print products like books, albums, frames etc for professional photographers, here and overseas. We’ve also built the software platform for our clients to sell their work and our products — image galleries, print shop, web and blog builder.

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