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We're so grateful to our Workspace Print Shop early adopters. We've enjoyed helping you launch your Print Shops, and we love seeing your print, frame and canvas sales coming through!

One thing you've told us is that you'd really like your customers to have a better visual experience when selecting their product options in the Print Shop shopping cart — which leads us to this update.


The new Product Preview feature will show your customers the correct cropping of an image for the print or product they've selected (eg a 3:2 ratio image as a 20x16 print). It will also display the product options they've chosen, such as the moulding and mat colour in frames. (They'll be able to adjust the crop before placing their order if you enable this in Settings.)

Even better, if you've created room-view display images for your Print Shop, your customers will be able to see them as well, as clickable thumbnails under the product preview panel, when they click through to your shopping cart.

If you already have a Print Shop built in Workspace the Product Preview feature will be turned off. To turn it on, open your Print Shop Gallery and then your settings. Then click the toggle next to Enable Product Preview.

We'd love you to take a look at the Preview feature in action. As always, if you have suggestions about what you’d like to see next, please inspire us! We want to continue building a better Print Shop for you and your customers.

Thanks for reading. 

Queensberry Workspace Team

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