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We spoke to Dan Morris Photography, based in the UK, about his wedding photography practice, some memorable moments over his career, and why he offers albums to every client.


I have been photographing weddings for around six years, though this is my second year full time. I started off as 'Uncle Bob' and took my camera along to a friend's wedding, with no intention of ever becoming a wedding photographer. I posted a few images on Facebook and then two couples asked if I'd be interested in capturing their special day. 



How would you describe your style?

I would say my style is very relaxed. I enjoy meeting new people and seeing what makes a certain person/couple tick. I like to capture a day as if I wasn't there, and how it would naturally unfold. Capturing moments for me tops anything that I can create or conjure up. I do understand the importance of group photos so I still photograph these, and then take the couple for a twenty-minute walk in a fun and relaxed manner, hunting down the nice light and quirky framing. I then go back to capturing what is happening around me. If I have an idea, or the light becomes too good to ignore, I may ask the couple if they fancy a couple more minutes. This time I have to know exactly what I'm trying to achieve before dragging a couple away from their party.

I've been lucky enough to work with couples that are willing to put their trust in what I do. I also see weddings as bright and colourful occasions and that's how I try to capture the day and also edit my photos.



On your website, you mention working closely with each couple to ensure they put a stamp on their wedding photography. What do you mean by this?

I like couples to know the real me and how I work. I like to enjoy myself on a wedding day. That doesn't mean head to the bar with the groom, that means being myself, which I'd like to think helps puts couples at ease. Especially if some nerves kick in. If there is something they like, I see it as a challenge to come up with ideas to capture something that they'll cherish. 

You offer wedding photography training to new photographers. What is the most important thing to consider when trying to make your photography business more successful?

I have run a couple of photography workshops alongside two good friends, and also run a group on Facebook for wedding photographers. When I started out I emailed around 20 photographers asking if I could come along and hold their flash or carry their bags for some experience. Only two replied and both said no.

Since then I've always wanted to help people so they don't make the same mistakes as I did. I knew I wanted to do wedding photography full time though I knew my photos just weren't good enough. I invested in a few courses and practised and practised. So for me, the single most important thing about making your photography business successful, is becoming the best photographer you can be (always an ongoing process), followed by being yourself and working hard for what you want to achieve.


Have you always offered albums to your clients?

I haven't always offered wedding albums to couples. As I was balancing the photography with my other job it seemed one more hassle. If couples asked I would, though I'd try and shy away. 

When I wanted to do wedding photography full time, I knew that I wanted to offer albums to couples. I had heard of Queensberry and knew what a great reputation they had. One night a photographer friend invited me over for a meal and showed me his Queensberry collection and I was instantly sold. Since then I have used Queensberry for each and every album. The quality and service is fantastic. I also always use the in-house design team, which is fantastic and frees up so much of my time.


Why do you think photo albums are so important?

If anyone out there is contemplating using albums, my advice is please do. When you see your photos actually printed, instead of on a screen, it makes the world of difference. This is the same experience your couples will have when, first of all, you meet them prior to booking, and also once they've received their own wedding album.

Using Queensberry is one of the best decisions I've made since starting my wedding photography business. The quality is second to none and solidifies you and your business as a professional. 



Photographing people can bring both joy and challenges. Are there any standout moments during your photography career?

I have photographed such joyous and fun weddings in different countries and for different cultures. When you give a couple their photos the sentimental value makes it so worth it. The hardest thing for me has been the sad times during a wedding, where sadly people haven't got long left, and have given a massive effort to make it for part of the day, or are no longer with us. It's these sad times that can't put a value on the amazing job we have as wedding photographers, to capture moments that touch people's lives. Such a privilege. 

Victoria x

See more of Dan's work on his websiteFacebook, and Instagram.

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