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Let us do the work!

Albums are so much work, right? Wrong! We offer colour correction, album design and proofing with every album. Upload the image files, specify the album, and we do the rest. You and your client can review and approve the design online before confirming the order.


Album design and colour correction

Album design by Queensberry is free on request for most Queensberry albums, but a charge applies to Studio Albums and Photo Book orders.

Conditions apply. Please send us only the images you want to appear in the album, and ensure they are in the order you want them to appear. You'll receive an initial design within 3-5 days. You and your clients can review the design draft online, request changes and approve the final design using Workspace Album Proofing (below). The first rounds of edits are free, after which charges apply.

If for any reason your album order is cancelled, or isn’t confirmed and paid for within 120 days, we charge a design fee. We will credit this off the cost of the album when we receive the order.

We also offer free Basic colour correction for most Queensberry albums, although a charge applies to Studio Album and Q-Book orders (see below).


Colour correction and artwork

Basic colour correction (books and albums only)

We individually correct each image file on the page, adjusting RGB colour values, density (exposure, brightness) and contrast across the entire image. We can colour correct albums that you've designed yourself provided you supply layered PSDs — so that we can colour correct each image independently.

A charge applies for Studio Albums and Q-Book orders, but for most albums the service is free on request.

Premium colour correction

We offer Premium colour correction for all our prints and products, not just books and albums. Premium offers even higher consistency and quality. In addition to adjusting colour and contrast etc, we optimise skin tones, shadow and highlight detail as much as the file allows, and pay particular attention to key points such as bridal dresses.This is not an artwork service, although we may remove minor file imperfections where we notice them. In books, albums and box sets we aim for consistency across all the images.

More about Queensberry colour correction and artwork services. 


*Photographers and designers only. Login to view pricing and order products.

Free Workspace Album Designer

If you want to design your own albums the free Workspace Album Designer is your best on-the-go resource. It's web-based so you can use it anytime, anywhere. And because it's fully integrated with our products and services you don't need to worry about the technical details — like image and page file specifications, maximum page numbers, page dimensions etc — just unleash your inner creative! It's linked to Workspace album proofing, so your clients can review the design online, request changes and approve the final design before you confirm their order.

The Workspace Album Designer is free to use and, being template-based, easy to use as well. Simply open up Workspace in your browser, set up a book or album order, select Workspace Design as the "design method", enter the album details, click Save Album and Workspace will take you direct to the Album Designer.

You can request free Basic colour correction by Queensberry when you place your order. You'll find lots of support articles and video tutorials about the Workspace Designer in our Help Centre.


Free album proofing

Before your album design goes into production we ask you to confirm the order details and pay. We don't require your client's approval of the album design as well, but most photographers ask for it.

If you've used our design service, or the Workspace Album Designer, Workspace Album Proofing is a transparent and intuitive way for you and your clients to communicate requests for changes and, when ready, to approve the design before you place the album order. And you won't need a paid plan to use it.

New functionality and a simplified interface make Workspace a great solution for managing your Queensberry album designs.

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