Joint Promotions with Queensbe


Joint Promotional Offer

Are you keen to to run a product promotion? A Winter Sale? An offer to past clients, or to book new ones? To promote a good cause, your new products, or your new website? If you’re considering a promotion that involves our products and services we’d love to support you if possible with additional discount on all sales related to your promotion.

Please note, we cannot promise to support every request. We need to schedule promotions in advance so our production team can plan ahead and cope with any extra demands. Brief promotions (eg 1-5 days) allow us to work with more studios.

Tell us about your promotion on the form below. Subject to us accepting your proposal we offer 15% discount across all our products and services. Companion and Tier Discount will apply as normal.

Please contact us early. Proposals are considered on a first come first served basis. Sorry, we cannot support studio-specific promotions that overlap with occasions like Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, or the Christmas Rush. 

Why we ask what you’re bringing to the deal by way of incentives. As wholesalers 15% is a big deal for us — same for your costs of course — but it may not be much incentive to your retail clients without input from you.

Check out our Joint Promo Q&A and our helpful guide, How to Run a Promotion. Or please email us if you have questions.

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