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Here to help Yes, we have a support team ready to deal with your feedback,  questions and problems . And although sometimes it feels easiest to speak to someone directly, often it's better to message the team, or look up our online resources. (Often it's quicker too, especially if you're on the other side of the world in a completely different time zone.) I'll discuss all three here, but however you contact us, we're definitely here to help! If you phone, and we don't pick up, please leave a message When you call one of our free phone numbers, we're To View More >>

Some Workspace users have more than one account (separate brands for their wedding and portrait businesses, for example). Some busy studios have several people working in the same Workspace account (photographers, designers, sales people, for example). And some users do work for the owners of multiple Workspace accounts (album designers, editors, site managers, for example). In all those scenarios the Workspace Accounts and Users function makes life very easy. Save 40% on your annual Workspace subscription. Just quote WS40 when subscribing To View More >>

Whether you're just starting out, looking at a supplying Queensberry albums or wanting to expand your offerings, you might find yourself thinking about cost; the cost of a product, the value for money, the experience your client will have when they receive a high quality, hand-made product. You can get an instant cost estimate for books and albums — in fact all our products — using our price calculators in Workspace. You can view and compare prices on screen, and even print a PDF.  You'll find the calculators under Prices in the main Workspace navigation. To View More >>

Workspace keeps your images as safe as possible by never displaying the high-res image, and by disabling the browser’s right-click download function. You can also add watermarks to your images. Simply upload your watermark to Workspace, and apply it to a collection of images. Workspace does the work for you, applying the watermark you've selected to each image – so you don't have to do each one by hand! You also have different watermark placement options, from which you can select the most appropriate option for you. Watch our tutorial below on how to use To View More >>

We’ve just released the Queensberry Help Centre, a new resource where photographers can get answers 24/7 about things Queensberry and Workspace — everything from detailed product information to helpful video tutorials. Click here to check it out, or go to your Workspace Dashboard and click on Support. The Help Centre is a work in progress, and we’d love your feedback and suggestions for additional content. Over the next few weeks we’ll be reviewing all content for relevance, clarity and accuracy. For now the “other software” category remains To View More >>