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Alexandria Baugh

Company role: Design/ Online Marketing intern Outside of work you’ll find me… Eating avocados while hiking through the Waitakeres, looking for waterfalls, black sand beaches and waterholes followed by a trip to the gym and my favourite Yin Yoga class.

Studios who want to offer "everything Queensberry" have found our starter kits and treasure boxes very useful in the past, but increasingly the data tells us that • Sample Albums are far more effective sales tools, and • not everyone wants to offer all our materials or colours! In fact many studios show nothing but their samples, and offer alternatives only if they're asked.  Which is why we’ve redesigned our cover swatches and paper samplers to make them more affordable, and also more flexible — so you can show what you want To View More >>

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By popular demand, our Coastal Linens, Driftwood and Breeze, are now available in all our books and albums. At the same price as Buckrams, Linens are an affordable cover option. Due to the nature of the material e mbossing is not available. To order an album in our linens:  Linens can be selected when ordering in Workspace and Photojunction.  Alexandria PS Linens are also available in our other products, including Studio Boxes and Portrait Albums  To View More >>

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How many Images should I include in my album? We get this question on a day-to-day basis and it’s always tricky to answer. How big is the album? What’s your style? Do you like big images or lots of white space? Do you have a story to tell? But we understand that photographers do need to guide their clients. Submitting 300 images for an 8x8 album just won’t work. Sometimes you’ll have thousands of shots from an event and your first challenge will be selecting the hundred or so to go in the album! So here’s the guide our designers use when creating album layouts. Just To View More >>

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Micro Leathers are amongst our most popular materials — beautiful textures and lovely colours. Vegan-friendly too. And today we extend the range. Micro Leather Haze is a soft-toned grey, delicate and sweet, that looks great with our new gold foil embossing. We just can’t get enough!    To View More >>

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UPDATED: corrected an error with the Faux Leather selection. We're getting ready to introduce new cover material and embossing options, and we're pretty excited about it. But first we need to say goodbye to some of the existing range. It's hard turning our back on things we love, but we need to make way for the new. And normally the reason is simple … not enough sales. The good news is that the discontinued materials will be available "while stocks last". We just won't be reordering them, and we won't be including them in our swatches, which To View More >>

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