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How do you target high-end clients? How do you stand out from the crowd? What types of albums could you, or should you, offer? Those are all good questions. Today we share why Duo albums might be the answer.  01. Turn your images into art What make Duos different are their unique pagemount mats. They frame your images with a striking key line, created by meticulously hand-trimming and mounting each print to fit inside the mat opening — each one presented with the same care and attention as your framed wall art. 02. A package superstar If you're To View More >>

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Even with digital images and online galleries everywhere, the most impressive way to show off your work is with a printed portfolio. A printed book shows more than your photography skills. It expresses your design abilities, your taste in materials and your high standards as an artist. If you're thinking about creating your own portfolio, here are some ideas to get you started. David Edmonson (and fur friend) browses through his 15x12 album David Edmonson (and fur friend) browses through his 15x12 album They're not like wedding and portrait albums To View More >>

There's something so special about homestyle photoshoots. I love how they capture the people in the photographs – this one of Libby, Katie and Bradley by Megan Graham is no exception. When we spoke to Megan about the album she responded with, "Libby was so photogenic, and Katie and Bradley were awesome to photograph first thing on a Saturday morning! We were under the watchful eye of their cat Ed the entire time, who made sure we looked after little Libby. It was such a fun session."  Katie and Bradley ' chose an 8x8 portrait album with a simple Carbon Buckram To View More >>

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Time is a valuable resource in any business, but especially photography. With that in mind, it makes sense to make the most of it, and to ask yourself, can I do things more efficiently? If I could outsource something, should I? Is what I'm doing even necessary? Here are four ways to optimise your time and make the most of every shoot. Photograph by Lauren Anne Photography Photograph by Lauren Anne Photography 1. Outsource Ask photographers why they got into portrait and wedding photography and they'll say how they love photography … or telling love To View More >>

A printed portfolio of your work is a great way to attract new clients, land jobs and leave a lasting impression. And you can take it with you — never show up to a meeting empty-handed again! A high-quality, well-edited portfolio signifies the value of your work and helps you stand out from the crowd. These examples illustrate the variety of photographers we create these for, and the different types of books we make for them. Click the '+' buttons for lip-smacking close-ups. Lola Photography's Exhibition 10x10 Q Book Medium with offset Tintoretto printing. To View More >>

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