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“Every two minutes people take as many photos as were taken throughout the whole 19th century.” Rachel is one of the Queensberry album design team, and she’s been collecting old photographs since she was at university. "My interest was sparked by reading Roland Barthes’ Camera Lucida (1980)”, she says. “The book was written after his mother’s death, and is as much about death as it is about photography. It was the idea that photographers are “agents of death” that really struck me.” “Any photo, no matter how recent, depicts To View More >>

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A few weeks ago Luke, who works at Queensberry, told us his grandparents were away overseas. After selling their movie theatre they’d decided to take a trip to Italy. They kept in touch, as he asked them, but little did they know he was collecting their photos to make an album of their adventures and special time together. It was a fun project to work on. He kept feeding the images to Steph as they came in, and in some ways, we almost felt like we were travelling with them… We loved seeing their smiling faces, and loved even more the stories that Luke would tell us as he dropped To View More >>

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In 5 years look over your album. Your child is heading off to school for the first time, but the album's pages are filled with your first moments with your son or daughter. Look over the pile of prints from your trip to South America, where you spent two months volunteering at an orphanage. You’d never felt so free. Look over the album of your wedding. You weren’t sure whether you wanted it but your photographer convinced you otherwise. There's the moment you said I do.Tell me then, that printing doesn’t matter, because I can guarantee you won't. It To View More >>

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Mention honeymoons and most people would think of relaxing — beach-side maybe, sun, sand and a whole lot of love. But adventurous newlyweds Ashley Davenport and his wife Helen had something different in mind. A trip to Nepal and a trek to Mount Everest Base Camp. When we wrote to Ashley after spotting their album he told us he and Helen aren’t exactly beach people. "I don’t like sand in my trunks," he said. "What can I say? I am easily bored." Even after running two marathons the week before, climbing to Base Camp was the hardest thing To View More >>

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If you want people to come looking for what’s desirable, not what’s cheapest, build your studio on high-end values. I recently visited an Audi dealership, not to buy a new car, but to learn how Audi sell their beautiful vehicles. Predictably I left desiring something I'd never considered before, and sold on Audi. My intention was to test drive the Audi Q5, but the salesperson suggested that the Q7 might be more comfortable for my height, so out in a Q7 we went. But not just any Q7, a Q7 Premium Plus with sport options! It was more amazing than I can describe … To View More >>

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