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Cover proofs now in Workspace
In the past, Queensberry's online designer has never had a cover proofing function and we’re excited
Our best deal of the year
Professional products like albums and wall art aren’t just about cash in your back pocket, they’re
DeRay and Simcoe
We saw this beautiful album by DeRay and Simcoe Photography as it went through the bindery. For a little
Akbar Sayed Photography
We saw this lovely album as it went through the Queensberry bindery, and decided it should be Album of
Integrated design and proofing
With Queensberry's online album designer, sending designs to your clients takes seconds. To see how,
A coffee date on a Saturday morning
Originally from the UK, James Harber is a Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer who now lives in Canberra,
Badges: “Featured by Queensberry”
If your work has been featured on the Queensberry blog or our website we have a selection of new ‘Featured
Add music to your album slideshows
The Queensberry online album designer is a great on the go resource that makes designing albums quick
Workspace Designer Guide: Swapping Images
Our new Online Album Designer is a great on the go resource that makes designing and editing
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