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David Edmonson
David with his Queensberry book We get to see many beautiful stories at Queensberry, and sometimes we
How to upload images to Workspace directly from Lightroom?
Do you use Lightroom to process your images? You can use the Workspace plug-in to upload files straight
Autumn Wedding - Ian Scott Photography
This week's 'Album of the Week' goes to Ian and Emma from Ian Scott Photography. "We had the pleasure
Rampant Herd Instinct Disease Sickens Photo Industry
Ever since digital replaced film as the photographers’ tool of choice, there’s been a rapid
Favouriting Templates
With thousands of new templates to choose from in Queensberry's online album designer, here's a
Thousands of New Templates
We've just released thousands of new templates for our online album designer, and we'd love you
The Strength of Whanau
Following on from  'Tribe', an exhibition by Tania Niwa (sponsored by Queensberry) in
New Cover Swatches & Paper Samplers
Studios who want to offer "everything Queensberry" have found our starter kits and treasure boxes
Thank you Rosie!
When Rosie, from Rosie Wedderburn Photography, alerted us to this outstanding review, we knew we had
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