Profit Calculator



Every photographer wants to know how much their competitors charge, and that’s important … but how much do you need to charge!

• How many jobs do you expect to shoot?
• What kind — wedding, portrait, newborns, glamour etc?
• What’s the “market price” for that work?
• Can you achieve that price? Or are you aiming higher? Or lower?

And is that enough to put food on the table, pay the bills, enjoy some fun and family time, and build a sustainable business? You can calculate that!


Our Profit Calculator pulls together how much you want to earn, how you plan to do that, and what your costs are. With that information it then works out how much cash will be left in your back pocket once you’ve paid the bills.

We suggest you play "what-if" with the calculator.

What if you created more revenue streams (eg portraits or boudoir)? How many jobs could you expect in each category, and what percentage of your revenue could you earn from it? Try entering higher or lower prices, more or fewer jobs, or different assumptions about costs like employees, rent, product sales, outsourcing etc. See how these changes affect your bottom lines  - both cash and time.

You can save these "scenarios" to edit, compare and review later.

Important: Use the calculator at your own risk. We hope it gives you some valuable insights, but Queensberry can’t accept responsibility for the use you make of it. It’s not intended as a substitute for detailed budgeting or professional advice.


It’s not as much fun as shooting pictures, but we encourage you to do a thorough job gathering up data about your costs.

The calculator gets quite detailed about your overheads and job costs. That’s to get you thinking, and help ensure you don’t miss anything.  There are some blank lines you can use if there's anything we haven’t covered. 

If you've been in business a while, last year's accounts will be useful, but even they may be inaccurate, too general, or even (heaven forbid) reworked for the taxman! And of course if you’re thinking about changing the way you do business, last year's figures might not apply.

Please note that some cells in the calculator ask you to enter cash amounts (per year or per category), some require hours and others percentages.