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Musée is French for museum, and it's been said that turning the pages of a Queensberry album is like walking through the halls of an art museum.

We like that, especially since our goal was to set a new brand standard with Musée, based on exclusivity and museum conservation quality.

The museum metaphor is especially apt - because although a museum should possess its own serenity and beauty, it really exists for the exhibits, in this case the photography.

And there's another level still: the album and the photography are both means to an end - telling a personal story to enjoy and share forever.


One of our goals with Musée was to redefine Queensberry's "best": to begin a series of Special Editions that stand alongside - and apart from - our standard albums and take our product to even higher levels in terms of materials, design, artisan skills and exclusivity.

Our standard album range is like a paint box from which you can choose to paint a masterpiece. There is a huge selection of colours, materials, cover and page styles to choose from.

Musée is not a paint box, it's a style. The palette of colours, materials, decorative details is rich but defined, chosen to suit the Musée idea.


There is no doubting the provenance of the Musée off-white card stock, which is 100% cotton watercolour paper from the French Arches ® mill. Arches is traditionally thought to date back to 1492. Arches: pronounced arsh.

Musée pages are matted with trimmed edges, similar to Queensberry's Duo, and can include the normal Duo design features such as apertures bled out to the page edge and split mats. Images are mounted on the pages in Queensberry's distinctive Pagemount style.

Musée pages can also exclusively feature an enhancement of the Pagemount concept: multi-image apertures, in which multiple individually trimmed prints are presented in a single aperture.

Cover Materials

Musée's fine leathers and vintage ribbon closures are of European origin. The distinctive wrap-around covers are a combination of embossed and plain vegetable tanned leathers in black or dark tan. French ribbon closures ornament the cover.


Each book has a logo individually created for you using your first name initials.

The logo is embossed on both the album and its Solander Box, as well as all accessories.

We also include on request a specially printed and bound folio in matching Arches stock with the story of your day - as you supply it to us - or a love letter, reminiscence, history ... just as you wish.

Classic Black Embossed Leather
Vintage Brown Embossed Leather


Musée is offered in two sizes: 14x10 and 10x7. Both sizes are available in vertical or horizontal formats. Sizes are expressed in inches and are approximate.

We offer 7-inch format scaled Flushmount Copies of the feature album in a matching style as an optional extra.


Albums and copy albums all come in their own Solander Box. These are considered the true archival box because of the extraordinary protection they offer.

For those who appreciate serendipity, Solander Boxes were first developed by Dr Daniel Charles Solander, a botanist and librarian who visited New Zealand on Captain Cook's first voyage to the Pacific in 1792.

Pricing For Photographers

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How to Order

Free design and colour correction is complimentary with Musée Albums. All you need to do is upload the images to Workspace and specify the album - here's how to send your order.