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As a Dad with a teenage daughter I feel in constant conflict watching her grow up. We parents feel so proud watching our kids become independent and make their own choices. But on the other hand we want to protect them because they will always be your babies. I think the saying about cutting the apron strings is wrong. It's more of a case of watching the strands break slowly over a long period of time.

Some photographers who decide to try our design service feel as protective of their photos as I might be when some scruffy, hairy teenage boy comes knocking on our front door.

Who can blame them for being suspicious, just like me over that scruffy teenager. But time and experience have an interesting way of helping us re-evaluate our initial observations. That scruff turns out to be a nice guy who thinks the world of our daughter, and peace and calm returns.

Using our design service can be a bit scary to begin with, and certainly we speak to a lot of first time users who need a lot of assurance that we know what we're doing. Over a few albums they realize that we've taken a huge chunk of work off their shoulders, and that they now have the confidence to leave it to us. They let the apron strings go and let their images stand on their own.

Let's be honest, I'm still suspicious of scruffy boys. I was one of them once. But our design team won't lead you astray, or dump you for your best friend. They'll present your images in a manner that will stand the test of time, with as much care as they can give them. They know it's important to earn your trust and respect.


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