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Arizona photographer Jennifer Bowen has consistently been at the top of our 'payout' list since we launched the Photojunction Store. So we asked her why... 1) You're one of our top sellers in the Photojunction Store. Why do you think that is? What do you do differently? I wanted to provide templates that were simple, elegant and affordable. There are so many options available to photographers these days. I wanted to supply a variety of templates that give photographers options to make their own workflow more efficient. And because they are at a price point that is justifiable, I think that has made them all the more popular. 2) How do you decide on the pricing of your templates? I looked at what templates were currently selling for in the marketplace. Certainly you can find all price points. However considering that most photographers are willing to spend up to a certain amount of money to make their job easier, or their workflow more efficient, but may not find higher priced specialty products justifiable beyond a particular point, I opted to target there. 3) What's your favourite website/blog and why? Well, my own of course! In all seriousness I find I frequent other photographers' blogs or websites less these days, but those that have struck a chord with me over the past few years are Jasmine Star, because she is an exceptional writer and storyteller, and Ben Chrisman, because he is a fantastic photographer and his images always draw me in. Thank you Jennifer! Cheers, Ian
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