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I've just been dealing with a frustrated user.  The abridged version... He designed an album in PJ then exported PSDs. He then flattened the PSDs and imported them into ALBUM_CO_X's software for ALBUM_CO_X to make. That is frustrating for me on all sorts of levels - mostly because I tried (and failed) to convince ALBUM_CO_X not to waste time and money developing their own album planning tool... but that's a different story. The album came back with a border around every page, about a quarter inch in from the edge.  Somewhere between this client and ALBUM_CO_X's software the print files that To View More >>

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Even though I tend to ignore MS Word's spelling and grammar checker, I do try really hard to avoid making mistakes. But if I slip up the world doesn't end, and I sleep easy. I don't think it's such a good idea to ignore Nana PJ though, because she's trying to ensure I get a first class album back ... and ordering a second-rate album can be annoying, slow and really expensive. A bit like a cringe-inducing spelling mistake in your new print job. Here's Nana PJ on the job (click on the images to view them full size) ... 1. I've edited this page since exporting, so my page layouts are out of date To View More >>

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Have you noticed that almost all album planning software assumes that (a) all albums are flush-mount, and (b) templates are the only way to design them. Not PJ. Coffee table books are cool, and so are templates - but there are other albums, and other ways to design them. To View More >>

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1. What's the significance of an increasing rate of referrals and WOM? Healthy signs of a growing business, no more nor less, recession or not. 2. After so many years in this trade it's hard not to notice that some of the most successful photographers don't win awards. 3. And that some award-winning photographers don't know how to translate their abilities into cash. 4. “The average client just wants good believable pics that are vibrant & clean & candid. The challenge is to give them that + more by way of making sure that we include some masterpieces that are beyond the ability of the To View More >>

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