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Producers of books, albums and print products for photographers worldwide. All products are handmade in New Zealand.
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Here's a look at what goes on in the Queensberry printery — prints, album layouts and canvases being created under the expert eyes of our technicians. Quality is paramount to us. Queensberry print makers Chris and Alex chat about some of our print options, and their own hands-on, eyes-on approach. Printing your photographs is a hands-on process at Queensberry, and we're sticklers for detail — every step is subject to strict scrutiny, and monitored closely from start to finish. But preparing your files properly is just as important To View More >>

If you haven't seen our brand new frames, you need to take a look! They've got away to a cracking start since we launched them. But you might be wondering — How can I show frames online without spending heaps on samples? Which ones should I offer? What would they look like with my photographs? The answer? Our new stock image templates for frames. They're free to use anywhere you're selling. Download our PSD layouts, insert your own imagery and you'll have a virtual product complete with your own photography. Our stock templates To View More >>

If you build your business on In-Person Sales, you have a huge advantage over competitors who can't — or won't — do the same. Online is great to get your name out there, great to sell prints to friends and family, fantastic for high volume, low price print sales … but, for high-end sales, getting face-to-face with your clients, in your studio, is best. In future posts, we'll talk more about sales strategies. This post is just about the benefits of buying Studio Boxes in bulk, by which we mean carrying your own stock of mats and boxes in To View More >>

The presentation boxes our albums come in don’t even bear our name, but to us, and our customers, they're a key part of our identity, and express the quality and classic design we stand for. Like Tiffany’s Blue Boxes … but maybe not quite as famous! Our boxes must be intensely practical too, and work across a huge variety of sizes, colours and cover materials. So when we redesigned them in 2016 we didn't throw out the old ones, we refreshed and upgraded them — with more silkscreen passes, new colours and matching grey To View More >>

We've just released thousands of new templates for our online album designer, and we'd love you to try them out. Although we're not quite finished yet all our most popular album types and sizes are included, including matted albums — both Duo and Overlay Matted! Flushmount, Q-Books and Portrait Albums have been updated as well. You'll find a list below. The new templates all reflect our Queensberry Design Service style, so you can be sure they'll look great and comply with our production requirements. If there's a template you'd like to see added, just send To View More >>