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Jocelen Janon photographs people. " People moving, running, arguing, dancing, jumping, protesting, agreeing, swimming, smoking, flying, crying, working. Doing nothing.  People living."  His 'Rear Window' series, framed through car windows, is a genuine, regular pleasure. Jocelen finds cars a fascinating way to observe people's behaviour, a reflection of their social status, life challenges, and priorities. And he loves the way a car can become a tool for him. "Something to shoot through voyeuristically, to add depth and also tell a story, or hint To View More >>

We thought we'd get in the Hallowe'en spirit with 'a walk on the dark side'. Our Granddaughter Charlotte used her theatre make up skills to create The Grandpires. Happy Trick or Treating everybody, Heather x PS.Charlotte is only 14 and we are pretty proud of her ability! To View More >>

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The last album for 2016 has been packed and shipped. Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday season. Love from everyone at Queensberry x To View More >>

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This post on Cam Grove’s Instagram made our day, and we so agree that first impressions are lasting impressions. I once read an article in PDN about photographer's studios, and this one photographer was explaining how he had dropped thousands of dollars on buying this particular handle for his front door. He reasoned that the first physical contact that prospective clients had with him and his business was when they opened the door to his studio. He wanted that initial touch to immediately convey all the things intrinsic to his business; strength, substance, craftsmanship... To View More >>

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Jessica Reeves claims to have been "very average" at school — "never did badly, never did amazingly well". But after two years as a photographer she's come to believe that this is something she can be great at and love at the same time. Ideal foundations on which to build a career!The biggest lesson she's learned is very simple: make friends. "Running your own business can be pretty lonely, especially at the beginning when you feel you are running along with a blindfold on. Making friends with other photographers, or others in the industry, takes a huge To View More >>